Cannabis in Helsinki, Finland

Weed in Helsinki

Cannabis in Helsinki

Where to get cannabis in Helsinki. If you ever find yourself in Helsinki, Finland’s lovely city, there’s a good chance you’ll want to enhance your experience by smoking some marijuana. It is illegal to smoke and distribute cannabis in Finland.  However, you smoking weed in Helsinki is not a top police priority. In terms of food, activities, sights, and a wonderful island archipelago, Helsinki has a lot to offer. You can find a quick guide about getting and smoking marijuana in Helsinki here.

Cannabis Laws in Finland :

Cannabis in Finland is still classified as a narcotic, although it is not included in Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act. Possessing or distributing marijuana is unlawful, and if you plan to do so, you will almost certainly end up in prison. Furthermore, if the authorities discover you with growing equipment such as pots, lights, or seeds, you will be arrested and likely face jail time.

If you have up to 15 grams on you, however, you will be fined at least 60 euros if you are detected by authorities. Cannabis rules aren’t particularly tight, so you’ll probably be fine, but don’t smoke in public.

Where to Get Cannabis in Helsinki:

Smokers tend to congregate in the parks surrounding Helsinki. When you walk through a park, there’s a good chance you’ll smell weed. The greatest time to visit Synebrichoff Park is during the summer, when the park is bustling with young smokers. Ask them about the plant in a positive and respectful manner, as everyone is wary of it. The only disadvantage is the quantity you’ll receive, as it’s common to be taken advantage of.

Cannabis Prices: 

Getting weed in Helsinki. The rates vary greatly depending on who you know and where you go. If you want a good hash, expect to pay roughly ten euros for a gram. High-grade weed buds will set you back roughly 15 euros per gram, while a good quality bud will set you back around 10 euros per gram.
It won’t be difficult to find nice buds in Helsinki, especially during the summer. If you walk through any park, you’ll almost certainly come across someone who is smoking. The cost of weed is a little more, but the quality is incredible. You’ll be alright if you don’t smoke in situations where there are a lot of people.

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