Cannabis in Nice, France

Weed in Nice

Cannabis in Nice

Where to get cannabis in Nice, France. This bright French city is the perfect Mediterranean getaway for everyone who enjoys the sun, wonderful food, scenic vistas, and beautiful architecture. Nice is recognized for its elegant nightlife, and you will not be disappointed if you visit at any time of year. You’ve come to the right place if you’re a cannabis enthusiast. When it comes legalizing marijuana, France is known for being liberal, and Nice is no exception. Continue reading for a complete guide on cannabis in Nice.

Cannabis Laws in France

France used to be very harsh regarding weed and hash, even when it came to possession. However, cannabis was decriminalized at the end of 2018, making life in Nice a lot easier. Currently, if you are caught with a few grams of marijuana on you that are intended for your own personal use, you will only be fined a maximum of 200 euros.

The legalization of recreational marijuana in France is progressing slowly but steadily. However, this is not the case, and you should be aware of this. Don’t smoke pot or hash on the street, and keep your weed or hash consumption private. It’s preferable if you don’t have to deal with the cops while on vacation.

Where to Get Cannabis in Nice

There are pot merchants roaming the streets of Nice, and individuals are smoking openly. You should visit the more touristy parts of the city. If you walk along the beach late at night, you will almost certainly be contacted by dealers. Apart from the beach, you might wish to pay a visit to the Rue Massena, which hosts a lot of the nightlife. Hashish and cannabis are both readily available, but there’s a strong possibility you’ll be given other narcotics as well.

Cannabis in Nice – Prices

Hash is far superior to weed in Nice. It’s easier to come by, and it’s usually of higher quality. Morocco, which is only a short boat journey away, supplies the majority of the hash. Cannabis, on the other hand, is readily available, albeit it is sometimes of poor quality. Hash costs roughly 4-5 euros per gram, whereas cannabis costs around 7-10 euros per gram. As a visitor, you will undoubtedly be asked to pay extra; however, don’t be afraid to bargain.

Other Information

Cannabis is prohibited in France, although it is widely available. Nice is a terrific party town, and if you seek hard enough, you’ll find something to smoke. You’re in for a wonderful time, but be safe and stay away from the cops at all costs.

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