Weed in Braga, Portugal

Weed in Braga

Weed in Braga

Portugal is a marijuana-friendly nation. Braga, Portugal’s third largest city, is famous for its museums, cathedrals, plazas, and fine avenues. Weed in Braga, Portugal, here is a full guide about cannabis consumption and purchase.

Weed Legal Status

Portugal decriminalized all narcotics, from marijuana to heroin, in 2001. They started treating drug offenses as a public health problem rather than a criminal one. You will most likely not be arrested if you carry less than a 10-day supply on your person. You may, however, be required to meet with the Commission for the Prevention of Drug Addiction.

Braga Law Enforcement

This is contingent on the cop who interrogates or locates you. Officers are frequently unconcerned when it comes to cannabis. If you are required to meet with the CDDA, you will be offered either a recommended treatment plan or a modest fine. It is still unlawful to grow plants and sell drugs. Officers may simply seize your cannabis and let you leave in some situations. Depending on the amount, you may be required to spend the night in jail.
There’s a lot of contradicting information out there regarding what constitutes a legal amount of cannabis in your hands. Up to 25 grams of buds and 5 grams of hash have been approved in some situations.

Where to Buy Cannabis in Braga

Many street dealers can be found, most of whom are young African men with a “Rasta” appearance. It is up to you whether or not you want to buy from these folks, as they are infamous for selling low-quality goods and taking advantage of tourists. You can also casually inquire at head shops.
You should anticipate to pay around 10 euros per gram of cannabis depending on where you go. Hash, on the other hand, is more frequent than buds and is usually less expensive. There will be many street merchants approaching you, but they will most likely be selling low-quality merchandise with the intent of defrauding you.

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