Weed in Genoa, Italy

Weed in Genoa

Weed in Genoa

Genoa is a northern Italian seaside city. It is one of Italy’s most populous cities, with the busiest port in the Mediterranean. Genoa has a long and illustrious history, dating back to the Romans and continuing through the Renaissance. Weed in Genoa is now a large, sophisticated European city with a lot to offer visitors. In Italy, cannabis is prohibited, yet it is widely smoked, and the restrictions are not extremely rigorous. In Genoa, hash is far more readily available than cannabis.

Cannabis laws in Italy

In recent years, Italy has become increasingly receptive of cannabis, with cannabis regulations being relaxed and medicinal marijuana becoming permitted. However, the truth remains that marijuana is prohibited. Consumers are not subjected to draconian laws. Having a little amount of cannabis on you has been decriminalized, which means that if you are caught by the authorities, you will most likely receive a fine or simply a warning. If you have a substantial amount of marijuana on you or are selling it, you could face considerably harsher legal consequences, including incarceration.

Getting weed in Genoa

If you don’t know anyone in Genoa, finding weed can be difficult. Asking some young folks might be the greatest choice. The majority of them either smoke pot or know where you can obtain it. You’ll have to rely on street vendors otherwise. They frequently congregate at the city’s several Piazzas. They are easily identifiable and will offer you a nod when they see you. If you nod, they will usually approach you and try to sell you cannabis or hash, both of which are readily available. Weed costs around 6-8 euros per gram, whereas hash is less expensive.

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