Weed in Hamburg, Germany

Weed in Hamburg

Weed in Hamburg

Getting Weed in Hamburg. Hamburg is Germany’s second-largest city, yet it is without a doubt the best destination to visit in the country. Hamburg may not be as well-known as Munich or Berlin, but it offers the same nightlife, vibe, and architecture. Germany is a marijuana powerhouse, and getting weed in Hamburg is no exception. Weed is prohibited, but it is very easy to obtain. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about cannabis in Hamburg!

Cannabis laws in Germany

Germany is a liberal country with relatively mild drug laws when compared to the rest of Europe. Although marijuana is prohibited, it has been decriminalized. This implies that if you have a few grams of marijuana on you, say 6 grams or less, you can just get a fine and may only get a warning and your weed taken. However, if you smoke in a public place near a school or youngsters, you may face further penalties. It goes without saying that driving while inebriated is against the law. Selling and cultivating marijuana will get you in trouble, and you may face criminal charges.

Germany is pretty laid-back when it comes to marijuana, but don’t get too cocky. Smoke only in parks or other more secluded areas, and exercise caution. If the cops show up, just be courteous and respectful, and everything should be OK.

Getting Cannabis in Hamburg

cannabis in Hamburg is readily available because it is a large German city. Parks, like the ‘Schanzenpark’ or ‘Florapark,’ are good places to look. You’ll find shady-looking dudes sitting out and selling cannabis if you wander around there. Frequently, they are Arabs. If there are no dealers, you may notice some students smoking; approach them and ask for assistance; they may have nicer weed than the dealers. On the street, the quality varies a lot, so don’t expect anything spectacular. The normal price per gram is 10 Euros, but there’s a good possibility you’ll get ripped off.

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