Weed in Leipzig, Germany

Weed in Leipzig

Weed in Leipzig

Finding weed in Leipzig. Leipzig is an East German city with a rich history and a diverse range of activities. It’s understandable if you want to smoke a joint while visiting Leipzig. Fortunately, cannabis is no longer illegal in Germany, and finding weed is rather simple if you know where to search. Keep in mind, however, that marijuana is illegal in Germany, and you must be careful not to be penalized by the authorities if you use it.

Cannabis laws in Germany

Cannabis laws in Germany are fairly liberal and open-minded. Many young people, particularly college students, use marijuana. Since 2017, medicinal marijuana has also become legal. In Germany, possession of small amounts of cannabis for personal use is no longer illegal. This means that if you are caught having a few grams on you, you will be fined at most a few hundred dollars. You may be sentenced to prison if you possess big quantities of marijuana, or if you sell and grow marijuana.

In general, weed is well-accepted in Germany, but you must be careful not to smoke in public and get apprehended by the authorities. Even if you are unlikely to go into much trouble, you still want to avoid the fine.

Getting Cannabis in Leipzig

Finding weed in Leipzig is not very difficult. If you don’t know any Leipzig natives, you’ll have to rely on street dealers. Fortunately, there are a few places in Leipzig where you can nearly always locate a dealer. There’s a good possibility you’ll spot someone selling weed if you wander near Richard Wagner Platz, notably the skate park, or Dimitroffstraße. Young Arab or Black men are the most common dealers. The cost of one gram of marijuana is ten euros. When shopping from street vendors, always be cautious and avoid being conned. You should never pay until you’ve seen the cannabis.

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