Weed in Luxembourg

Weed in Luxembourg
The old town at Luxembourg City

Weed in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country surrounded by three other European countries, and the majority of the country’s terrain is rural, thus nature lovers will likely enjoy it. The country is recognized for its beautiful forests, nature parks, and majestic hills, all of which can provide a good workout. With its ancient town and medieval architecture, the capital city is highly appealing. What is the current cannabis situation in Luxembourg? Continue reading for a quick overview of how to obtain and smoke weed in Luxembourg.

Cannabis Law in Luxembourg

Although cannabis-related activities are prohibited, owning small amounts for personal use is not. You don’t have to worry if you’re caught with less than 5 grams; but, if you’re caught with more, you’ll have to go to the police station and pay a fair fee. It is legal to smoke cannabis in Luxembourg, but do not do so near elderly persons or tourist attractions, as these are frequently patrolled by police officials.

Where to Get Cannabis in Luxembourg 

Simply go to an area where the nightlife is going on to get your hands on some strong cannabis. Grund is the name of the establishment, and you’ll most likely come across younger individuals smoking outside. Another way to obtain cannabis is at train stations, but be cautious because these places are packed with cops, and sellers may try to rob you there. Walking around the city and seeing the city’s famed parks is your best chance. Many younger individuals will be hanging around in the parks, smoking cannabis. If you approach them with a friendly attitude, they will almost certainly assist you or put you in the proper way.

Cannabis Price

The cannabis pricing is comparable to that of Western Europe. You might expect to pay $10 per gram, but you’ll get only the highest-quality, most potent cannabis. You should expect to pay a lesser price if you want to buy a larger amount or if you have connections. Hashish isn’t very common in Luxembourg, but if you’re lucky, you can get a gram of crushed hashish brick for roughly $5.
Cannabis is relatively easy to obtain and smoke in Luxembourg, and you should have no problems with the drug. When smoking, use common sense and don’t bring more than 5 grams with you. Have a wonderful time in Luxembourg!

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