Weed in Sofia 

Weed in Sofia

Weed in Sofia

Sofia is becoming a more popular tourist destination, and with more visitors comes the question of where to get marijuana. Here is our cannabis guide for Sofia, Bulgaria.

Cannabis Laws in Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria prohibits the use of cannabis. Marijuana falls into the same category as hard narcotics such as heroin, cocaine, and MDMA. Regrettably, the law appears to be regressing, as marijuana possession for personal use was decriminalized prior to 2004. Since then, it is unlawful to have any quantity of cannabis on you. Depending on the quantity and intent with which you possess the pot, you could face anything from a 500 euro fine to prison term if caught. Nonetheless, marijuana is still a widely used narcotic in Bulgaria, and it is not uncommon for locals and visitors to use it. Just remember to be cautious. Avoid smoking in public areas and walking about with marijuana on your person.

Where to Get Weed in Sofia

The lawn in front of the National Theatre is one of the most well-known areas in Sofia where people buy cannabis. Teenagers are frequently seen smoking weed on park benches, especially after dusk, and it is not difficult to detect sellers selling weed if you pay carefully. If you can’t find anyone, ask around and you’ll soon discover someone willing to sell to you. The cannabis is often of poor quality, though this varies from dealer to dealer. The average price per gram is around 20 leva (about 10 euros).

Where to smoke in Sofia

Sofia has a beautiful city center, which is great for stoned walks. Full with things to do, lots of places where you can grab a pizza, kebab or some ice-cream. However, it is better to watch out and not walk around with weed on you. What you need are some spots off the beaten path:

  • Yuzhen Park (South Park): It is one of the biggest and most beautiful parks in all of Bulgaria. If you walk around a little bit you will find a secure place to smoke weed, without the worry of getting caught by the police. It is also a great place to walk around high. It also has many munchies you can buy and it is only two subway stops away from the city center.
  • Kopitoto:  Just a 20 minute drive away from the center of the city, Kopitoto is a great spot, that provides a panoramic view of the entire city. It is very popular with locals, and the chances are you will not be the only person smoking weed there.
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