Weed in St Lucia, Caribbean

Weed in St. Lucia

Weed in St Lucia

Best cannabis friendly destinations. Saint Lucia is a Caribbean island nation known for its beautiful beaches and ideal climate. The dry season, between January and April, is when the majority of visitors come to this tropical paradise. Although marijuana is still banned on the island, chances are you’ll be able to get weed in St Lucia fairly easily. Continue reading to learn more about the marijuana issue in St. Luca.

Cannabis laws in St. Lucia

The Prime Minister of Saint Lucia said in 2019 that marijuana should be decriminalized. That hasn’t happened yet, but it demonstrates the drug’s general acceptance. However, marijuana is still prohibited on the island, and anyone found smoking weed could face serious consequences. When tourists are apprehended, they frequently get away with a bribe to the police officers who apprehend them. If you don’t bribe the cops, you’ll either have to pay a fine or in the most extreme situations go to jail. If you only have a few grams on you, you shouldn’t be too concerned.

Despite the fact that everyone dopes, smoking is forbidden on the island. When it comes to pot smoking, you should be quiet and cautious, and keep an eye out for the cops. Apart from that, simply apply common sense and you should be alright.

Finding cannabis in St. Lucia

While going around the island, most tourists particularly men, will be offered weed. Therefore getting weed in St. Lucia shouldn’t be an issue. You will almost certainly be offered to buy weed if you wander around the beach. The more touristic areas and the clubs. People have even been invited to buy weed at their hotels according to reports. Tourists’ prices can vary greatly but they are normally less than a dollar per gram with most dealers selling quarter ounces. Always bargain a little and you should be able to get a price reduction of 20-30%. The weed’s quality isn’t the best because it’s grown outside but at those prices, it’s impossible to complain. More on Guide list.

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