Weed in Taipei, Taiwan

Weed in Taipei

Weed in Taipei

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan, a small island nation with a large metropolitan area. Taipei is the ideal place to visit if you enjoy seeing architecture and learning about different cultures. The city is well-known for its diverse street food options and food markets, ensuring that foodies will have a good day. Also, when the cravings hit, it’s a great environment, but what’s the state of cannabis in Taipei? Continue reading for some quick tips on where to acquire weed and how to smoke it in Taipei.

Cannabis Laws in Taiwan

Any cannabis activity is subject to severe laws, and anybody found with a large amount of cannabis may face the death penalty. The country’s largest issue is that cannabis is still classified as a Schedule 2 substance, which puts it in the same category as LSD and opium. Because police officers are well trained and are familiar with the smell and appearance of cannabis, it is not advisable to smoke in public because you could end up in jail.

Where to Get Weed in Taipei

Although it is difficult to find cannabis in Taipei, your best bet is to know a native or simply hang out where foreigners congregate. For example, Woodstock is a popular pub where you can locate someone who can assist you with cannabis. Another good spot is Carnegie’s, however be cautious when trying to get weed in pubs because cops frequently patrol these areas.

Cannabis Price

Cannabis is difficult to come by in Taipei, and the quality varies greatly. For roughly $300, you can acquire around 5 grams of good quality, which is incredible. In Taipei, finding hashish is nearly impossible. It’s best not to buy or use marijuana there because the police don’t care if you’re a native or a tourist when it comes to the penalties.
Cannabis isn’t widely available in Taipei, and finding any is difficult. Also, if you’re lucky, you can expect to pay a lot of money for weed of ordinary grade. Finding a secluded location where you can get high without anyone noticing is the greatest method to smoke. In Taipei, we do not advocate smoking. Have a great time!

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