Weed in Ushuaia, Argentina

Weed in Ushuaia

Weed in Ushuaia

Ushuaia is the capital of Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego. It is frequently referred to be the world’s southernmost city, and it is undoubtedly situated in an unusual place. In Ushuaia, you may see and experience a lot of interesting nature, animals, and local history, but what about the weed? With the help of this tutorial, getting some won’t be a problem! Continue reading for our cannabis guide in Ushuaia.

Weed Laws in Argentina:

The possession of small amounts of cannabis is no longer unlawful, but the sale, cultivation, and transportation of the plant are still prohibited. CBD oil, a kind of medicinal marijuana, is also permitted. According to reports, any amount under five grams will not get you in trouble with the law. Possession is not prohibited; in fact, an Argentinian court decided in 2009 that marijuana possession is a constitutional right.

The season has a big impact on whether or not cannabis laws are enforced. Because the city is essentially deserted in the winter, there are much fewer police officers on duty. Summer brings an influx of tourists, which necessitates an increase in police presence. Officers have been reported to go undercover as citizens in order to deter public smoking. Many people continue to smoke, but do so at your own peril. Smoking is preferable on beaches with fewer people, such as those in the south.

Getting weed in Ushuaia

In Ushuaia, there are a lot of people smoking pot, so getting some shouldn’t be difficult. Simply ask about in the evening, particularly among young men, and you will be given marijuana within minutes. The truth is that Argentinians are highly accepting of marijuana and will gladly assist you. Prices vary widely, and you may be charged a “tourist tax” while purchasing marijuana. In general, a 10-15 gram baggie of pot costs around $50, but if you buy less, the price will rise. For legal reasons, it is best not to carry more than a few grams with you.

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