Weed in Varna

Weed in Varna

Weed in Varna

Varna is the place to go if you ever find yourself in Bulgaria and want to party for a few days. It’s a large Bulgarian city on the Black Sea, with a plethora of resorts and high-end nightlife. Because the city has been inspired by a variety of cultures, you can expect stunning architecture throughout. What could be better than snagging some weed while taking in the sights of this lovely city? Continue reading to learn how to buy weed in Varna and how to smoke it.

Cannabis Laws in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, cannabis and any activities related to the plant are legally prohibited. Police officers are notoriously crooked, and they are frequently underpaid, so if you are discovered, you may expect a lot of difficulty. Tourists are targeted by cops because they assume they are loaded with cash. The point is, if you get caught, never offer them a bribe since it will only get you into more trouble. Always expect them to ask for a bribe, but if you’re caught with even on the joint, prepare to pay between 200 and 500 euros. It is not advisable to smoke in public because there are many police officers and you may be prosecuted in Bulgaria.

Where to Get Cannabis in Varna

It will be difficult to obtain weed in Varna if you are a tourist with no connections. Your best bet is to go to a nightclub, where you will almost certainly run into someone who is smoking pot. Other good sites include Marine Park and Centrum, both of which require you to utilize your senses and where you will undoubtedly smell weed. However, be cautious because there are a lot of want to be gangsters with a bad attitude roaming the parks who can get you into problems.

In Varna, smoking cannabis is completely prohibited, and police will target tourists who do so. It’s best not to carry any amount of marijuana with you and to only smoke in quiet or secluded areas. If you’re caught, you’ll probably be able to buy your way out, but expect to pay a high price. Otherwise, you risk being prosecuted in front of a judge. You’ll be OK if you use your common sense.

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