Weed in Chania, Greece

Weed in Chania

Weed in Chania


Where to get weed/cannabis in Chania, Greece. Chania is the second largest city on the Greek island of Crete, and it is well-known for its distinctive and historic architecture. The city has a large harbor, which becomes quite active during the summer months. What could be a better approach to enhance your cannabis experience than to indulge yourself in a paradise-like setting? Continue reading for vital information on where to buy and smoke cannabis/marijuana in Chania. Let’s get this party started!

Cannabis Laws in Chania, Greece

As you may be aware, Greek regulations are extremely conservative, particularly when it comes to cannabis. The bulk of European countries began legalizing marijuana a few years ago, but Greece is still struggling to put its medicinal marijuana regulations into effect. They voted in favor of medical marijuana, but it is not yet in effect.

Furthermore, if you are caught with up to 20 grams of marijuana, you will almost certainly face state prison sentence of up to 5 years. The bailout may work if you want to get out, but the penalties for up to 20 grams will be $1,000,000. Isn’t that conservative?

Many individuals, especially visitors, continue to smoke, but you won’t find cannabis on every corner since people are still afraid of the regulations and strict police.
A British man who travelled to Chania for a vacation was captured carrying 2 grams of cannabis, according to one account. He was sentenced to 90 days in prison, but the process and the experiences he had were harrowing.

Where to Get Cannabis/Weed in Chania, Greece

Because Chania is a port city, some cannabis is still arriving. The issue is, if you want to get free stuff, you need to know locals. We don’t think it’s worth endangering your freedom for a piece of schwag. Go for it if you have a good city companion and can smoke in a private location. Because Crete is an island, getting cannabis there is a little more difficult, as the restrictions can be rather strict at times. It also depends on your arrival time, however bringing something with you can be problematic in general.

Cannabis/Marijuana in Chania, Greece – Prices

It was difficult to obtain pricing information on cannabis because it is not widely available in Chania, however some sources claimed that a gram of Albanian schwag may cost up to $15. That’s a hefty sum to pay for such poor quality and a high danger. It’s a wonderful alternative if you can carry your cannabis or have a friend with you. Anything else would be putting yourself at grave danger. Enjoy your time in Chania and in Crete as a whole. Our honest recommendation is to pass the marijuana while you’re there and enjoy it on the more touristy and open islands! Keep yourself safe!

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