Weed in Nantes, France

Weed in Nantes

Weed in Nantes

Where to get weed in Nantes. Nantes is located in western France and is one of the country’s largest cities. The city has several museums and cultural attractions, but simply walking around town is entertaining enough. For foreigners, finding cannabis in Nantes is difficult, but not impossible. You’ll find cannabis if you search hard enough. Continue reading to learn more about the guide weed to Nantes.

Cannabis laws in France

You might assume that France is second, first, or fourth in Europe when it comes to cannabis usage, depending on where you read your statistics. Regardless of the exact figure, the French consume a lot of marijuana. The rules used to be quite strict, but they have greatly improved in recent years, and it is no longer such a big problem to go around with some marijuana on your person. Possession of a few grams of marijuana will result in a maximum fine of 200 euros, which is significantly better than the possibility of arrest you were facing previously.
The truth is that the French police have more pressing concerns and are unconcerned with people consuming marijuana.

Getting weed in Nantes

Because Nantes is such a large city, obtaining weed isn’t impossible, although it may be difficult for a foreigner. Around the train station or along the river bank, you might be able to find some cannabis or hash dealers. They are mainly African or Arab men, and they are easy to detect. Of course, it’s difficult to predict when you’ll come across them, and there are no promises. There’s also a danger you’ll be taken advantage of by those merchants. Another alternative is to go out for a drink with some young French folks and ask them. Because many of the younger individuals use marijuana, there’s a big probability they’ll assist you. Marijuana will set you back roughly 10 euros per gram.

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