Weed in Pretoria, South Africa

Weed in Pretoria

Weed in Pretoria

Pretoria is one of South Africa’s three capitals. The city is known as an academic and university town, and it is home to three universities and several research centers. Aside from academics, institutions contribute to the city’s vibrant nightlife and laid-back student lifestyle. Despite the fact that it is illegal, cannabis is readily available in Pretoria, as it is throughout the country. Continue reading for a complete guide to weed in Pretoria.

Cannabis laws in South Africa

Although cannabis is banned in South Africa, the regulations are not very harsh, and police enforcement is not a top priority. You should expect to incur a fine of around $20 if you are caught with a modest amount of weed for personal possession. You should not suffer any major penalties as long as you are cautious and not too open about your marijuana use. Selling and producing cannabis are more serious offenses for which you could face prison time.
The present cannabis restrictions were found to be unconstitutional by a court judgement in 2017. If the Supreme Court approves, possession and growing in private houses will be legal.

Getting weed in Pretoria

It’s easy to find weed in Pretoria because it’s so popular. Almost every black man you see on the street will either sell you marijuana or point you in the direction of where you can get it. Students are in the same boat. The weed’s quality varies, but it’s usually not very good. Because cannabis is so inexpensive, the inferior quality is offset by the vast quantity. You should expect to spend a few bucks for a baggie containing a few grams of marijuana.

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