Weed in Krakow, Poland

Weed in Krakow

Weed in Krakow

Where to get weed in Krakow, Poland. Kraków is Poland’s second-largest city, yet it rivals Warsaw in terms of beauty. The city was founded in the seventh century and has an ancient and medieval feel to it. Unfortunately, cannabis in Poland is prohibited in, and Krakow is not one of Europe’s top marijuana destinations. Continue reading to learn all about getting cannabis Krakow.

Cannabis laws in Poland

Cannabis in Poland is prohibited in, and if you are caught having it on you, you could face a three-month prison sentence or a large fine. Growing and selling are even more serious offenses for which you will be prosecuted. Although most people do not receive the maximum punishment and instead receive a fine, cannabis is not a laughing matter in Poland.

When it comes to drugs, Poland is pretty conservative, and the cops aren’t exactly chill. Do not smoke in the streets or in public places where you can be observed. Keep a low profile and be on the watch at all times. Even if you witness natives openly smoking marijuana, use care.

Where to Get Cannabis in Krakow

Although the rules are strict, cannabis in Krakow can be discovered because of the influx of tourists. Things are improving by the day, and what was once impossible to purchase is now only difficult, but not impossible. You might be approached by a dealer if you hang out in the city center’s clubs and strip clubs and keep your eyes open. It’s a bit of a crapshoot, but you never know.

Unless they’re smoking pot, don’t approach strangers and ask them to hook you up. The majority of Poles are anti-weed.

Cannabis Prices in Krakow

The price of weed in Poland is 10 euros per gram, but as a tourist, you are almost certain to be taken advantage of. Cannabis is commonly referred to as “Baka,” “Jaranie,” or “Staf,” while hash is referred to as “Kostka.” Hash is significantly more difficult to come by, and you’re unlikely to be offered any.

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