Cannabis in Cork, Ireland

Cannabis in Cork

Cannabis in Cork


Where to get cannabis in Cork. Cork is Ireland’s second-largest city, after Dublin. Although it is not the largest city, it has its own unique appeal and a vibrant nightlife. Cork isn’t the best spot in the world for cannabis, and it’s often difficult to find if you aren’t a native. Continue reading for a comprehensive guide to weed in Cork.

Cannabis laws in Ireland

Cannabis is prohibited in Ireland, and even possessing a tiny amount of the drug can get you in jail. In fact, marijuana is involved in 53% of all drug prosecutions in Ireland. If you are detected, your marijuana will be taken away and tested, and you will be prosecuted. A punishment of up to 635 euros might be imposed for a first offense. A fine of 1,269 euros is imposed for a second offense, and a fine and a year in prison are imposed for a third offense. What you get will be determined on the specifics of the case.

The Irish police are generally laid-back, and they may let you go with just a warning in some situations, but you should expect to be fined at the very least if you have weed on you. As a result, it’s best to exercise caution and avoid being too open about your marijuana use. Keep in mind that Cork isn’t the largest city in Ireland, and there aren’t many public places where you can legally smoke marijuana.

Getting weed in Cork

Because the cops are tough on dealers, finding cannabis in Cork will be difficult. The best thing you can do is go out at night and walk a number of laps around the pubs and clubs. There’s a good probability you’ll be offered cocaine or marijuana. Do not purchase any hard drugs because they are illegal and usually of poor quality. Hash is difficult to come by and isn’t worth the effort.

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