Weed in Johannesburg, South Africa

Weed in Johannesburg

Weed in Johannesburg

Although Johannesburg is South Africa’s largest city, it is not one of the country’s three capitals. Although Johannesburg does not receive as many tourists as Cape Town, it has much to offer its visitors. There are museums and art galleries, as well as the Carlton Centre, Africa’s tallest office structure. In addition, the metropolis has all of the amenities that one would expect from a modern mega-city. Although marijuana is illegal in South Africa, you should have little trouble finding any weed in Johannesburg.

Cannabis laws in South Africa

Although cannabis is banned in South Africa, the regulations are not very harsh, and police enforcement is not a top priority. You should expect to incur a fine of around $20 if you are caught with a modest amount of weed for personal possession. You should not suffer any major penalties as long as you are cautious and not too open about your marijuana use. Selling and producing cannabis are more serious offenses for which you could face prison time.
The present cannabis restrictions were found to be unconstitutional by a court judgement in 2017. If the Supreme Court approves, possession and growing in private houses will be legal.

Getting weed in Johannesburg

In Johannesburg, there is a lot of weed being smoked, and there are also a lot of people selling weed. Asking around on the street is the greatest approach to find marijuana. Most people will either know where to take you or sell themselves if you ask them. In South Africa, cannabis is not highly taboo, therefore don’t be scared to inquire around. Prices and quality vary, but a baggie containing a couple grams normally costs around 7-8 dollars. In South Africa, cannabis is commonly referred to as “dagga.”

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