Weed in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Weed in Guayaquil

Weed in Guayaquil

This guide will teach you all you need to know about weed in Guayaquil, including where to buy it, how much it costs, and the laws that govern it. Whether you’re a casual smoker seeking information, a long-time resident merely interested, or planning a trip to Guayaquil to smoke a few joints, we’ve got you covered.
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Cannabis Laws in Guayaquil

When it comes to marijuana, the cops will be unconcerned. Most of the time, they’re cannabis smokers! Keep in mind, however, that this varies from cop to cop and individual to person. Some cops may be harsher than others, while others may simply issue a warning.
If you want to smoke in public, you should be able to do so as long as you don’t do it in crowded areas or in front of cops. The cops may seize your marijuana in some situations (and they might go on to smoking it themselves later). Remember this, If you have more than 60 grams on you, the cops may suspect you of being a dealer and arrest you. They might also arrest you for smoking a joint! It all depends on their state of mind.

Where can you get weed in Guayaquil

In Guayaquil, the easiest way to find cannabis is to get out and explore the city. In parks and on the streets, you will undoubtedly encounter a large number of smokers and dealers. You can simply approach someone who is smoking and inquire. You’ll also come across a number of shady-looking sellers. If you make eye contact with them, they will usually approach you.

. In all honesty, though, this is a bad offer. If you are a tourist, you will find low-quality weed offered for excessive costs, such as $15 or even more. The weed is of poor quality and not worth the money, but you might get lucky and find a dealer who sells high-grade pot.

Cannabis Culture in Guayaquil

What you should know is that in Guayaquil, Ecuador, cannabis/weed/Marijuana and hash are prohibited. Even so, because people here enjoy smoking marijuana, you should have no trouble finding dealers or even other smokers in the city. The cops are likewise laid-back and won’t bother you if you’re smoking in peace and not causing a commotion.

If you’re above the age of 18, you can carry anywhere from 10 to 60 grams of cannabis with you and the cops won’t hassle you.

There are also dispensaries that sell medical marijuana, which a lot of people utilize. You’ll need a doctor’s prescription for that, of course!

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