Cannabis in Limerick, Ireland

Weed in Limerick

Cannabis in Limerick

After Dublin and Cork, Limerick is Ireland’s third-largest city. Although it does not have the ideal climate, it has progressively grown in popularity among tourists in recent years. There is a vibrant nightlife in this college town, as well as plenty of marijuana. Visitors may find it difficult, but not impossible, to purchase cannabis in Limerick. Continue reading for more information.

Cannabis laws in Ireland

When it comes to marijuana, Ireland is fairly permissive, so you’re unlikely to get in trouble if the gardai (Irish police) discover you smoking. Usually, they will simply seize your marijuana and write down your name, then leave you alone. There’s a risk the officer will go farther, but for a first infraction, you won’t have to pay much more than a few hundred euros in fines. In Ireland, the police are generally laid-back, and if you comply, you are unlikely to be penalized. Selling and trafficking marijuana is a severe crime that can result in prison time.

Despite the lenient laws, you should exercise caution and refrain from smoking in public places. If you are apprehended by the police, be kind and they will typically return the favor. To prevent more significant penalty, you should never carry more than a couple of grams on you.

Finding cannabis in Limerick

Without a local connection, getting weed in Limerick can be difficult, but not impossible. You might get lucky and see someone smoking if you keep your eyes open and wander around the park. Otherwise, because many students and younger individuals smoke, you might wish to contact them. It’s also likely that you’ll be offered cannabis or other narcotics late at night, near the clubs.

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