Weed in Bansko

Weed in Bansko

Weed in Bansko

If you enjoy winter activities while also being a cannabis enthusiast, Bansko is the place for you. It is Bulgaria’s best and most popular winter resort. It is possible to obtain a good grade herb there, but it will be more difficult than in other large Bulgarian towns.

Cannabis Laws in Bulgaria

Cannabis is classified as a class A substance, which implies that engaging in any cannabis-related activity is strictly forbidden. If you are caught with a tiny amount of marijuana, you will most likely not face any major consequences other than a fine or a night in jail. Bansko is a vacation town, thus the police are less tough when it comes to cannabis because they want more tourists to arrive.

Where to Get Weed in Bansko:

Because Bansko is a small resort town that attracts families looking to relax during the winter months, finding weed can be difficult. It’s still possible to get good stuff there, but expect it to be difficult. Ask a younger receptionist, taxi drivers, or event producers, as there’s a good possibility they’ll know someone who can help you out.

Weed Prices in Bankso

Prices are slightly higher than in the rest of Bulgaria since demand is high and supply is scarce. Starting at 15e per gram, you can acquire a good quality bud. It’s nearly impossible to find hashish there, and don’t expect to find the highest-quality weed. Bansko is a popular winter sports destination where a large number of young people spend their vacations.
You can acquire a good grade herb there, but finding a trustworthy individual who can connect you with the dealer would be difficult.

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