Weed in Belfast, United Kingdom

Weed in Belfast

Weed in Belfast


Weed in Belfast. Belfast is Northern Ireland’s capital and largest city. The city’s industry, particularly the shipping industry, is well-known. Belfast was the site of the Titanic’s construction. Belfast, despite its volatile past in the 1970s and 1980s, has evolved into a normal, modern European city with all of the amenities one would expect. Although cannabis is banned in the United Kingdom, it is not impossible to obtain. Continue reading for a complete guide to cannabis/weed in Belfast.

Cannabis laws in the United Kingdom

The UK’s cannabis rules may appear draconian on the surface, but in actuality, things are quite different. Cannabis sales, cultivation, and possession are all illegal and could result in hefty penalties and perhaps prison time. The severity of the penalty is largely determined by the amount of cannabis found on you.

You might get away with merely a warning from the cops if you have a few grams of marijuana for personal use. Many cops are willing to overlook marijuana use as long as it is done discreetly. To avoid fines, you should only smoke at home and carry no more than a few grams of weed or hash with you.

Getting cannabis/weed in Belfast

Because there are so many police officers patrolling the streets in Belfast, there aren’t many street dealers. At night, though, there are a lot of individuals smoking and selling at clubs and taverns. You might observe people smoking if you walk through the key sections, such as Great Victoria Street or Bank Square. The best way to get weed is to make friends with some local smokes in a bar and ask them to connect you with some. In Belfast, hash is more widespread than cannabis, and a gram costs roughly ten pounds.

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