Weed in Brno 

Weed in Brno

Weed in Brno

How to Get weed in Brno. Brno is the Czech Republic’s second-largest city in terms of population and area. Cannabis is rather easy to come by in Vancouver, as it is in most large cities. Here’s a complete guide on how to get cannabis in Brno, Czech Republic.

Cannabis Laws in the Czech Republic

Even after numerous attempts, cannabis remains banned in the Czech Republic. Possession laws on the other hand are extremely lax. Possession was made legal in 2010. Marijuana possession of up to 15 grams is considered a misdemeanor.

Local law enforcement is mostly unconcerned about individual smokers. They are usually more interested in large-scale dealers. You should be fine as long as your cannabis consumption is kept to a minimum. Even if you witness people openly ingesting cannabis, it’s usually advised as a tourist not to partake.  Be extremely cautious so as not to get into legal trouble.

Where to Buy Weed in Brno

Cannabis in Brno is easier to find in the city center and other tourist areas, as it is in many other large cities. If you go to parks, pubs, clubs, and other public places, you will almost certainly discover a plug.  They can be contacted by locals who want to sell it to you. Many times,  approach a person or group that is smoking. Explain your situation gently, they may assist you or even sell to you right there and then.

Cannabis Prices in Brno

Cannabis in the Czech Republic is somewhat inexpensive, however not as inexpensive as it is in Amsterdam. You get what you pay for in Brno. You may anticipate to pay anything from USD 30 to USD 70 for an eighth of cannabis, depending on the quality.
However, it has been reported that high-quality cannabis can be found for as little as USD 100 per ounce if you have the correct contacts or someone who can put you in the right place.

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