Weed in Budva, Montenegro

Weed in Budva

Weed in Budva

Budva, Montenegro’s answer to Dubrovnik, is a popular tourist destination. It is the country’s touristic center, with a well-preserved and remarkable medieval city center. There are also some fantastic beaches and the Adriatic coast to visit. There’s food, there’s gatherings, and there’s something for everyone who comes to visit. Cannabis, on the other hand, is extremely illegal and difficult to obtain. Continue reading to learn more about the weed in Budva.

Cannabis laws in Montenegro

It should come as no surprise that Montenegro, like its neighbors Croatia and Serbia, has strict drug prohibitions. Marijuana trafficking, selling, and growing are all illegal activities that can land you in serious trouble. Don’t become involved in that sort of thing. Possession is unlawful as well, but for a few grams, you’ll probably only get a fine and maybe a night in jail. If the authorities catch you smoking, there’s a considerable possibility they’ll want a bribe; the costs vary, but they can be rather high.

Unfortunately, Montenegro remains behind the times when it comes to cannabis. Smoking weed is frowned upon, at least among the older generations, and even medicinal marijuana is not permitted. There are many fantastic places to smoke weed in Budva, but choose the more private ones and avoid smoking in public.

Getting weed in Budva

There aren’t many drug traffickers on the streets because of the tight rules. Going to a nightclub or bar and asking the individuals who work there is your best option for finding weed in Budva. The majority of them are young and smoke, and they may be able to assist you. It’s recommended not to ask random people; instead, get to know the person before approaching them. Tourist rates vary, but expect to pay between 10-15 euros per gram.

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