Weed in Burgas

Weed in Burgas

Weed in Burgas

Burgas is Bulgaria’s fourth largest city, and it is situated on the Black Sea coast near Sunny Beach. It is regarded as one of Bulgaria’s most attractive cities, as well as one of the nicest places to live. It has a fantastic beach, which makes it ideal for weed smoking, especially during the summer. Here’s where you can obtain cannabis in Burgas.

Cannabis laws in Bulgaria

Marijuana is illegal in Bulgaria, according to the country’s legislation. Cannabis is classified as a hard drug, similar to cocaine and heroin. In theory, having any amount of marijuana on you can land you in trouble. A fine or 24 hours in prison can be imposed for possessing a little amount of marijuana on you. You may face a longer sentence if you have additional marijuana on you if it appears that you are dealing. As a result, cannabis is Bulgaria’s most popular drug, and a substantial percentage of young people use it.

In Burgas, you don’t want to be caught having weed on your person. If you must smoke, do so in a private location, such as your home. Many individuals smoke on the beach; nevertheless, if you decide to do so at night, you should exercise caution.

Where to get weed in Burgas

You won’t be able to find nice weed if you don’t know any locals in Burgas. Looking for people smoking at the clubs or in the Sea Garden is your best bet. You can also seek for dealers around well-known tourist destinations. If you have the time, you should head to Sunny Beach, where the cannabis is considerably easier to get by. If you don’t know anyone, the grade of the marijuana you buy will most likely be poor. The price is normally 10 euros per gram, but you should expect to spend up to 15 euros per gram if you are a tourist.

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