Weed in Cannes, France

Weed in Cannes

Weed in Cannes

Cannes is a must-see for everyone looking for a calm vacation that will replenish their batteries. The city is famous for its sandy beaches, expensive hotels, and wild nightlife, and it is located on the French coast. If that appeals to you and you want to enhance your experience in Cannes by smoking cannabis, you’ve come to the correct location. Continue reading to learn how to buy weed in Cannes and how to smoke it.

Where to Get Cannabis in Cannes

Any activity involving cannabis is heavily restricted and forbidden, and if found, you could face harsh consequences. If you are caught with pot or hashish by the authorities, you can expect to pay a hefty fine and possibly go to jail. However, because the population of Cannes is relatively liberal when it comes to cannabis, it is acceptable to smoke pot in public, but be careful not to smoke in front of cops.

Cannabis Prices

It’s difficult to get one gram at a time in Cannes, because everyone sells in quantity. For 10 grams of Moroccan hashish, the normal price is $40. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some cannabis, 10 grams will set you back roughly $70. We can’t stress this enough: always examine the quality of the merchandise and never agree to meet up with merchants on shady streets because they can try to rob you.

Other Information

The city is plenty of hashish, so getting weed in Cannes may be a bit of a hassle. However, the hashish available in Cannes is of great grade; however, be wary about being duped. Also, because the police and laws are severe and you can wind yourself in serious trouble for smoking a joint, it’s best to smoke in private or hidden areas.

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