Weed in Edinburgh, Scotland

Weed in Edinburgh

Weed in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a lovely city. Simply put, you’ll have a wonderful time there, but with a little weed, it’ll be even better. The city is divided into two sections: a contemporary New Town and a historic Old Town. If you’re thinking about visiting the city and like to smoke pot, you’ll have a great time. Here’s a quick guide about where you can obtain cannabis and how to smoke it in Edinburgh.

Cannabis Laws in Scotland:

Although marijuana is still illegal in Edinburgh, the population and police are accepting of it, so you won’t get in significant problems for smoking or possessing little amounts. If you are discovered with a little amount of marijuana for personal use, the police will most likely seize your weed without further action. You can expect a longer process and more difficulties if they find huge amounts of cannabis on you. You could be sentenced to up to 14 years in jail. When travelling to the city, don’t carry more than 5 grams with you, and always roll your joint at your apartment.

Where to Get Cannabis in Edinburgh:

Just walking through the parks will give you a strong whiff of marijuana, and you’ll notice a lot of young people sitting out and passing the joints. Keep a good attitude and ask if they can assist you. Going to venues where locals congregate is another wonderful method to snag some quality bud. You can inquire in local bars and, after a polite talk, the bartender will most likely assist you.

Cannabis Prices in Edinburgh:

A high-grade bud can cost as little as 7 euros per gram and as much as 12 euros per gram. You’ll save money if you buy in bulk, so if you’re planning on staying in the city for a while, it’s best to buy more. Hash is readily available there, with a good-quality gram of hash costing about 6 euros per gram.

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