Weed in Florence, Italy

Weed in Florence

Weed in Florence

Florence is a tiny Italian city that is known for being a cultural hotspot. Many students and tourists come from all over the world to visit. As a result, finding weed in Florence is not difficult. This is a thorough guide about cannabis consumption and purchase in Florence, Italy.

Legal Status

The city law has recently been focused largely at those who consume alcohol. These individuals are more likely to cause harm and problems for local law enforcement. Glass bottles aren’t allowed to be sold after 10 p.m., in fact. The sale, transportation, and cultivation of cannabis are all forbidden under current Italian legislation. For medicinal and religious purposes, it has been decriminalized and made legal.

Law Enforcement

Most people say that smoking isn’t a problem as long as it isn’t done in densely crowded regions. Although it is not always permitted, it is recommended that you smoke with caution and avoid areas where police officers frequent. The Piazza della Signoria, the Uffizi, and the Piazza del Duomo are all places to avoid. Because these areas are frequented by tourists, the police patrol them more regularly.

Where to Buy Cannabis

Cannabis availability is fairly high due to the massive student population. However, unless you know a local, it can be difficult to make a good connection. In Florence, there are a number of well-known areas known for their partying and cannabis availability. The Santa Maria Novella sector is one of the most well-known areas. Visitors are recommended to avoid the Santa Maria Novella translation because many persons peddling there will try to take advantage of them. Another location with a lot of nightclubs is Santa Croce, which is an excellent spot to meet people. However, many people have complained that the merchandise sold there is of poor quality. Santo Spirito is an excellent location for purchasing high-quality hash. It’s vital to remember that most of these smaller quarters are unsafe for visitors or individuals who don’t know Italian. Women who are traveling alone are strongly urged not to travel here unless they are accompanied.

Cannabis Prices

Florence is another city where hash is smoked rather of the actual cannabis buds.
Buds, on the other hand, are available in some areas of the city.
One gram of high-quality North African hash will set you back around ten euros.
Buds will be the same price: ten euros for one gram of high-quality cannabis.
One gram of the best hash can cost up to 12 euros.

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