Weed in Gdansk, Poland

Weed in Gdansk
Top view on Gdansk old town and Motlawa river, Poland at sunset. Also known as Danzig and the city of amber.

Weed in Gdansk

Gdansk is a significant Polish city with a long and illustrious history that distinguishes it from other Polish cities. The city, which is located on the Baltic shore, is intended to be explored with a joint in hand, thanks to its magnificent German influence and architecture. Cannabis is difficult to come by in Poland, but we’ve put together a guide to finding weed in Gdansk.

Cannabis Laws in Poland

Marijuana is prohibited in Poland, as it is in most other Eastern European countries. However, if you are discovered with a tiny amount of marijuana for personal use, you may not face major consequences and only have to pay a fine. If you are discovered trafficking marijuana or possessing a substantial quantity, you might face up to ten years in prison. Polish cannabis regulations are strict, but if you’re a first-time offender with a few joints on you, you’re unlikely to face serious consequences. Because it is very dependent on the police officer who apprehends you, it is recommended that you be kind and refrain from disparaging them. In recent years, there has been a drive in Poland to legalize cannabis. This is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Medicinal marijuana, on the other hand, is legal.

Where to get weed in Gdansk

Marijuana is the most popular drug among young people in Warsaw, as it is in other significant Polish cities. Knowing some locals would be the easiest method to get cannabis. If this is not the case, your best bet is to inquire around. In Gdansk, bartenders and club promoters can often assist you in finding cannabis. Sopot, a neighboring city only 15 minutes away by train, is a popular tourist destination where weed will be much simpler to come by. The grade of marijuana sold in Poland varies from one dealer to the next. The price per gram is normally around 10 euros.

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