Weed in Geneva, Switzerland

Weed in Geneva

Weed in Geneva

Where to get weed in Geneva. Have you ever considered visiting a beautiful city near Lake Geneva that is encircled by the Alps? Because the city has been influenced by French culture, bohemian areas such as Carouge are common. Exploring the city is a thrilling experience that might last for days. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you’ll fall in love with Geneva right away. Continue reading to learn how to buy and smoke weed in Swiss(Geneva). 

Cannabis Law in Switzerland

Switzerland is separated into provinces and medical marijuana is authorized in some areas. Although this is not the situation in Geneva, cannabis is a popular topic which is expected to become legal in the next years. Police officers are more concerned with dealers than with users so if you want to smoke cannabis, do so in a private location away from cops. Also, if you want to smoke without any restrictions, do so in your own home. If you’re caught with less than 1 gram, you’re probably only going to get a warning.

Where to Get Cannabis in Geneva

It is quite simple to obtain cannabis in Geneva. Simply take a walk around the city and through the major parks. There will be a younger audience, and you will be able to smell marijuana. Approach them with courtesy and ask if they can assist you. The best chance is to visit Parc de St Jean, where a slew of sellers are eager to sell their wares. Be cautious, as the area is a hotspot for the cops, and several dealers have been nabbed recently. Always inspect the weed before buying it on the street, and never give them money up advance.

Cannabis Prices

Prices for good quality cannabis start around $10 per gram. The problem with getting marijuana in Geneva is that street vendors will not sell you a gram for $50. You can expect 3–4 grams of high-quality buds for that amount of money. If you’re looking for a hash, Geneva has several. The cost of top-quality Moroccan hashish begins at $6 a gram, and it provides an incredible high feeling.

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