Weed in Graz

Weed in Graz

Get weed in Graz . Graz is Austria’s second-largest city, after Vienna. The city is noted for its well-preserved city center, which is considered one of Central Europe’s most attractive.
Graz is also home to six universities with a total student population of about 60,000.
The city’s unusual blend of old buildings and student life gives it a distinct vibe that is unlike anything else in the globe. Due to the lenient cannabis laws in Austria and the large number of students, to get cannabis in Graz should not be a problem.

Cannabis laws in Austria

Despite the fact that Austria has one of the highest per capita cannabis consumption rates, marijuana remains banned in the country.
Cannabis cultivation and sale are both regarded significant offenses that can result in prison time. However, a distinction is drawn  between possession with the purpose to sell and possession for personal use. Old restrictions governing the amount of marijuana on your person were amended. Now the distinction is established depending on the evidence available.
This means that there is no limit to how much pot you can claim is for personal use. However, possessing too much or weed wrapped in small packets will make you appear to be a dealer and will result in heavy penalties. You might get away with it if you have it for personal use thereby receiving a small fine or be forced to attend a treatment program.

Getting weed in Graz

Finding decent weed in Graz can be difficult if you don’t know any residents or students.
There are dealers but they usually have terrible weed and will try to take advantage of you by overcharging you. The Stadtpark is a fantastic spot to seek for dealers.
You can usually smell marijuana in the park but if you don’t, approach any teens and they should be able to either sell you weed or put you in the appropriate direction.

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