Weed in Innsbruck

Weed in Innsbruck

Weed in Innsbruck

Innsbruck, Austria’s fifth largest city, is located in the west of the country. The city and its environs are world-class winter sports destinations. The Winter Olympic Games have also been held in the city twice.
The majority of people arrive in the winter, although there are plenty of options for treks or simply exploring the city and enjoying the nightlife even in the summer. Although Austrian cannabis laws are not particularly stringent, marijuana remains prohibited.

Cannabis laws in Austria

Although Austrian cannabis regulations are rather liberal, marijuana remains prohibited.
Marijuana possession for personal use is no longer illegal.
It is up to the cops to determine whether the marijuana you have on you is for personal use or for sale. It is therefore critical that you do not carry more than a few grams of marijuana on you and that it is not wrapped in multiple little containers.
Weed production and sale are both illegal, and you could face prison time if you do so. Overall, smoking marijuana in Innsbruck is relatively safe, but you should exercise caution and avoid being overt with your marijuana use.

Finding weed in Innsbruck

Innsbruck, as well as larger cities like Vienna and Salzburg, might be difficult to come by.
If that isn’t an option, you’ll probably be able to find marijuana in Innsbruck.
Around the train station, or among the city’s gardens and parks, is a fantastic area to look.
Typically, Arab or black young men are the ones selling. They’ll usually offer you a small nod, and if you reciprocate with a nod, they’ll approach you.
Weed costs on average 10 euros per gram. Before you hand any money to a dealer, always ask to inspect the weed.

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