Weed in Istanbul, Turkey

Weed in Istanbul

Weed in Istanbul

Where to get cannabis/marijuana in Istanbul. If you ever find yourself in Istanbul, a gorgeous metropolis that spans two continents, there’s a good chance you’ll want to smoke marijuana to enhance your experience. The city has a lengthy history and many old buildings from various civilizations may be seen. Culture buffs will savor every moment of smoking weed in Istanbul. Continue reading to learn more about where to get cannabis in Turkey (Istanbul) .

Cannabis Law in Turkey

Turkey’s cannabis regulations are severe and any cannabis-related activity is absolutely prohibited. People on the other hand are quite open to cannabis with roughly 30% of Istanbul’s population using weed. Cannabis is not decriminalized in that country so if you’re caught with it, you’re likely to be punished and imprisoned. When it comes to locals, things are normal but when it comes to tourists, things are different. If you are apprehended by the cops, there is a good probability that the cop will accept a little bribe.

Where to Get Weed in Istanbul 

As previously stated, a large section of the population in Istanbul smokes cannabis. So finding good quality cannabis isn’t difficult. Caddebostan Park and Tarlabasi are unquestionably the greatest places to find cannabis. Many younger individuals will smoke and if you approach them with positivity, they will undoubtedly assist you. It’s usually a good idea to double-check cannabis before purchasing it, as there have been numerous tales of scams in these areas. Stick to the crowds and avoid shadowy backstreets.

Cannabis Prices 

Even if you don’t have the right connections, you can get cannabis in Istanbul of high quality. Check out the locations listed above, and always inspect the cannabis quality before purchasing. Cannabis of reasonable quality starts around $8 per gram. If you want to purchase bigger quantities, the price per gram will be closer to $4. Hashish is also extensively used and sold in Istanbul and you should taste it while you’re there. A good sticky brick will set you back $5 per gram.

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