Weed in Jakarta, Indonesia

Weed in Jakarta

Weed in Jakarta

In recent years, Indonesia has grown in popularity as a tourist destination. It would be a mistake to skip Indonesia’s vast capital city Jakarta if you want to spend more than a week there. Because Indonesia was a Dutch colony under colonialism, the city is unique in that it is a melting pot of different cultures. Jakarta is a must-see destination for everyone interested in unique architecture, cuisine, and cultures. What do you think about increasing your overall experience by smoking marijuana while you’re here? Continue reading for some quick tips on where to acquire weed in Jakarta and how to smoke it.

Cannabis Laws in Indonesia

As you might expect, Indonesian drug laws are extremely strict, and this includes cannabis. In principle, having any pot on you could land you in prison, but in fact, you’re more likely to be asked for a bribe. They may ask for a large sum of money and perhaps accompany you to an ATM. If you refuse, you will almost certainly face harsh consequences, including possible imprisonment in an Indonesian prison.

Indonesian cops and jails are not to be trusted, and you should avoid them at all costs. The majority of individuals get away with merely a bribe, but it’s still a bad experience.

Where to Get Weed in Jakarta 

The finest area to get decent quality cannabis in Jakarta is Kampung Ambon, which is recognized for having the best weed in the city. Block M and Kemang are two other areas where you can try your luck. People will not approach you, but if you discreetly inquire for cannabis, someone will eventually guide you in the proper place. You can also purchase decent weed in nightclubs, although we don’t suggest it because nightclubs are notorious for regular police raids.

Cannabis Prices

In comparison to the rest of the globe, Indonesian pricing are laughable. One gram of decent quality cannabis, for example, costs roughly $1. Although the bulk of cannabis is grown outdoors, the highest grade comes from the Aceh region. If you prefer hashish, you will have a difficult time finding any in Jakarta.
Jakarta is a very famous tourist destination that attracts visitors all year. It’s not difficult to find good weed for a low price, but because the rules are so severe, you need be extremely cautious when engaging in any weed-related activity. Instead of smoking in public or touristy areas, locate a peaceful location and simply enjoy the joint. Have a great time in Jakarta!

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