Weed in Kos, Greece

Weed in Kos

Weed in Kos

Where to get weed in Kos, Greece. Kos is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea’s southeast corner. Despite being only 2 kilometers from Turkey, it is a part of Greece. It is a popular tourist location, particularly among younger Scandinavian and British visitors. The island boasts lovely whitewashed houses and excellent restaurants, and it can provide a pleasant and thrilling nightlife in the evening. Because Cannabis Laws in Greece’s are strict , cannabis/marijuana in Kos can be difficult to come by.

Cannabis laws in Greece

Despite the recent legalization of medical marijuana and discussions about decriminalization, Cannabis laws in Greece are one of the most strict in Europe. Possession, use, and cultivation are all prohibited. You could theoretically get away with merely a fine if you have a modest amount of weed on you that is intended for personal use. However, a judge must make that decision, which means it is not uncommon to have to appear before a judge and spend the night in jail, even for little amounts of marijuana. Marijuana sales and cultivation are both illegal and punishable by imprisonment.

Many individuals, both locals and tourists, use marijuana in Greece; nonetheless, you are taking a risk by doing so. If you do decide to smoke in Greece, it’s crucial to keep your distance from the cops.

Getting Cannabis in Kos

If you don’t know anyone in Kos, finding cannabis can be difficult. Cannabis is cultivated and transported, but there are no street dealers, so ask some of the locals who work in hotels or restaurants. However, getting weed from larger cities like Athens or Thessaloniki is a better alternative. Weed in Greece is usually of poor quality because it is grown outside, but it will get you high. Typically, a gram costs 10 euros.

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