Weed in Macau, China

Weed in Macau

Weed in Macau

People who enjoy casinos and card games have almost certainly heard of Macau, the Chinese equivalent of Vegas. It’s a Chinese autonomous territory featuring casinos, massive retail malls, and affluent residents. Because it was their territory until 1999, the city has had a significant impact on Portuguese culture. If you’re in Macau and want to smoke some marijuana, you’ve come to the correct location! Continue reading to learn how to obtain and smoke weed in Macau.

Cannabis Laws in Macau

Cannabis is severely regulated in Macau, and any marijuana-related activity is prohibited. Because Macau is notorious for its drug smuggling, authorities are concentrating their efforts on drug trafficking, which is primarily concentrated on docks. Officials have a bigger problem with ketamine, which is their top focus, whereas you can get away with using pot in secluded settings away from the public eye. Be aware that many undercover cops are on the lookout for cannabis and other drugs throughout the day. Never have more than one joint on you at a time, and make sure your stash is well hidden in case you have more.

Where to Get Cannabis in Macau

Walking through the malls or checking out some of the city’s gorgeous bars is your best chance. There’s a good probability someone may approach you with marijuana or hash. However, be wary of some dealers who collaborate directly with police in order to catch you off guard. You must choose somebody you can trust, and the easiest way to do it is to become friends with a local.

Cannabis Prices

It’s difficult to say how much pot costs in Macau because there aren’t many reports, but based on tourist stories, one ounce of medium-quality weed costs roughly $450. If you have the correct contacts, you can get your hands on some pretty strong stuff. The majority of Asian weed is said to be a hybrid with a high THC content that can provide a strong high.

When dealing with cannabis in Macau, be cautious because the authorities are quite stringent about any cannabis activities. If you’re caught with even a small amount, you might be in serious trouble. Knowing a local you can trust is the safest way to obtain cannabis. Also, if you’re going to smoke, make sure you’re with people you know and in a quiet area.

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