Weed in Montreux, Switzerland

Weed in Montreux

Weed in Montreux

Where to get marijuana in Montreux, Swiss. In Ernest Hemingway‘s Farewell to Arms, this town deserves to be seen, not just read about. It’s lovely, and Lake Geneva brings a sense of tranquility to the entire region. Montreux is an excellent location for a joint. When it comes to marijuana, Switzerland isn’t overly rigorous, but it doesn’t mean it’s legal, and obtaining it in Montreux can be difficult. Continue reading to learn more about the cannabis/weed in Montreux:

Cannabis laws in Switzerland

Few people realize it, but Switzerland is one of Europe’s most weed-friendly countries. Marijuana possession has been decriminalized, and as long as you have less than 10 grams on you, you are not breaking the law. They might take your cannabis away at the most. Smoking, on the other hand, is prohibited and punishable by a fine. The fine is set at 100 CHF, so it’s not too awful. Carrying more than 10 grams of marijuana on you at any given moment is not a good idea.

Getting weed in Montreux

Smoking marijuana in Montreux is a fantastic experience. It’s beautiful and peaceful, but it’s not the simplest spot to score. In reality, you’ll have much better luck in a larger city like Geneva or Bern. If you do locate something to smoke in Montreux, don’t pay more than 10 CHF per gram of pot, otherwise you’ll be taken advantage of.

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