Weed in Moscow, Russia

Weed in Moscow

Weed in Moscow

Get marijuana in Moscow, Russia. Moscow is a lovely and historic city with great architecture and a vibrant nightlife. Exploring Moscow with a little marijuana may sound like a good idea, but due to Russia’s severe cannabis laws, you could get in trouble if you have too much. For more information, continue reading on how to get cannabis/weed in Moscow.

Cannabis laws in Russia

Russia, like the majority of Eastern European countries, has severe cannabis prohibitions. This means that if you have less than 6 grams of marijuana and 3 grams of hashish in your possession, you will not face criminal charges, but you may face a fine. Carrying more is deemed to be in excess of personal possessions, and it could get you into a lot more difficulty. Despite this, when purchasing or using marijuana, you should exercise extreme caution and discretion. In Russia, the overall attitude toward drugs is quite conservative, and if you do smoke, locals and cops will not welcome it.

Where to get weed in Moscow

There aren’t as many weed dealers in Moscow as there are in other European countries. It can be tough to obtain marijuana as a foreigner. Looking for young folks and asking them for cannabis is your best bet. People smoking can easily be found in clubs, especially the more alternative ones; simply approach them and inquire. Look for young people in parks; they are typically more amenable to the notion of smoking and can communicate in English.
Expect to pay between 15-20 euros per gram in Moscow, as weed is more plentiful than in most other cities.

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