Weed in Mostar

Weed in Mostar

Weed in Mostar

Mostar is Herzegovina’s cultural and economic center, as well as the country’s most popular tourist attraction. Bosnia’s most well-known cultural landmark is the Old Bridge, which spans the Neretva River. The city has wonderful Ottoman architecture that has been well preserved, and visiting it while high is an amazing experience. Marijuana, on the other hand, is prohibited in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the restrictions are very strict. It is also quite difficult to obtain cannabis in Mostar. Continue reading for a comprehensive guide on weeding in Mostar.

Cannabis laws in Bosnia

Despite the fact that Bosnia is a significant cannabis grower in Europe, pot remains illegal, and the rules are fairly strict. In theory, even the tiniest amount of marijuana may result in a prison sentence. In practice, though, a fine and possibly a night in prison are far more likely for a few grams. You could face a lengthier prison sentence if you sell or grow marijuana.

Cannabis is still illegal in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so be discreet if you do decide to smoke there. If you do get pot, don’t use it in public and try to avoid getting caught by the cops.

Getting weed in Mostar

It’s hit-or-miss when it comes to finding cannabis in Mostar. There are no street dealers in the city, and chances of spotting someone smoking in public are slim. However, there is a lot of marijuana being cultivated in the area, and you could conceivably get it for a very low price. You’d have to rely on the locals for help. You could ask anyone in the service industry in your area if they can help you out. Despite this, the chances are slim and the police face some danger.

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