Weed in Shanghai, China

Weed in Shanghai

Weed in Shanghai

Shanghai is the world’s most populous metropolis and one of the world’s financial centers. The city has a lot to offer, from amazing nightlife to elegant hotels, diverse restaurants, and a stunning skyline and lovely parks. When it comes to smoking weed in Shanghai, things get a little more tricky. Continue reading to learn how to buy weed in Shanghai and how to smoke it.

Cannabis Law in China 

Any behavior with cannabis or any other narcotic on their prohibited list is very unlawful, and you could face the death penalty. Each year, there are numerous cannabis-related executions, so if you’re going to smoke pot there, be extremely cautious. You’ll be fine if you smoke cannabis in private places without any locals, but don’t smoke outside because the cops are professional and know what they’re doing. Also, never carry more than one gram on your person, as being found with more than 5 grams might result in a prison sentence.

Where to Get Cannabis in Shanghai 

Getting weed might be difficult, especially if you’re passing through and don’t have any contacts. It’s quite difficult to obtain high-quality cannabis, particularly hashish, although it is possible. Your best bet is to check the Shanghai Downtown area as this place is full of expats and they will probably help you out. Another good spot for checking is around East Nanjing Road where you’ll get approached by dealers. It’s easy to make a deal, but never give your money in advance and always check the stuff.

Cannabis Prices

When you consider the legal aspect and shortage of supply, it’s a strange reality that weed in Shanghai is quite cheap. Without knowing anyone, you can buy a high-quality skunk for roughly $20 per gram. If you’re looking for greater quantities, a big bag containing roughly half an ounce costs around $100 on average.
Shanghai is a fantastic destination to visit, but you should exercise extreme caution when it comes to obtaining and using cannabis. The reason for this is that the police are extremely rigorous, and even modest amounts of weed can result in you being imprisoned or even executed. If you want to smoke, you should do so in the privacy of your own home.

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