Weed in Southampton, United Kingdom

Weed in Southampton

Weed in Southampton

Get weed in Southampton. Southampton is most famous for their football team of the same name. The city, on the other hand, has much more to offer than excellent football games. Southampton is one of the major cities in the United Kingdom and home to one of England’s busiest ports. It also has a long history, which is reflected in its blend of modern and historic architecture. It’s easy to find marijuana in Southampton, just like it is in any other town with a university. Continue reading for our guide on cannabis/weed in Southampton.

Cannabis Laws in the UK: 

Cannabis is classified as a Class C narcotic, however the government has ordered that it be reclassified as a Class B substance. What exactly does that imply? If you’re detected with a little amount of marijuana in your possession, you’ll almost certainly be arrested and fined at the police station. People who are caught possessing marijuana three times may be sentenced to prison. There’s no need to be concerned; if you use your common sense, you’ll be OK. Smoking is not permitted in public or crowded areas, but it is permitted in secluded parks or indoors.

Getting cannabis/weed in Southampton

In Southampton, there are some street dealers, but they are generally untrustworthy, and there is a danger that you will be mugged. In Southampton, your best bet for finding weed is to ask around among the students. Ask a few people in any pub frequented by students, and someone will almost certainly be able to help you out. There is also a lot of hash in Southampton. The cost of cannabis varies, but you may expect to pay around 10 pounds per gram.

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