Weed in Tallinn, Estonia

Weed in Tallinn

Weed in Tallinn

Get Weed in Tallinn. Tallinn is Estonia’s capital and largest city. It contains one of Europe’s most well-preserved and picturesque medieval city cores. Tallinn is a modern city with a startup culture, despite its historical heritage. Cannabis is still illegal, although marijuana regulations have been much more lenient in recent years. After reading our guide to cannabis in Tallinn, exploring the city with a joint in hand should be no problem.

Cannabis laws in Estonia

In comparison to other European countries, Estonia has a serious drug problem. Cannabis is also prohibited because it is viewed as a gateway drug by many, yet newer generations do smoke it. The law is strict, but it is less severe than in some of the neighboring countries. There is a distinction between selling or cultivating marijuana and possessing a little amount for personal use, according to the law. If you are caught having a few grams of marijuana on you, you will not be sentenced to prison but will instead be fined. In Estonia, the police have a negative attitude toward cannabis in general, which means that, despite the fact that it is simply penalized by a fine, it is not encouraged to smoke in public or busy locations. If you have weed on you, stay away from the city center and only smoke at home or in more remote locations.

How to get cannabis in Tallinn

Because of the strict rules prohibiting the sale of marijuana, cannabis might be difficult to come by in Tallinn if you don’t know anyone. There are dealers roaming the streets of Old Town on occasion, but your best bet is to visit the parks and look for individuals smoking. Teenagers smoking week are pretty easy to discover during the summer; simply approach them and ask them to assist you. Weed is quite expensive in Tallinn, costing 20 euros per gram.

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