Weed in Tel Aviv, Israel

Weed in Tel Aviv

Weed in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is one of Israel’s largest cities and a popular vacation destination due to its affordable prices and fantastic atmosphere. Because the city is near the coast, there are several sandy beaches where the nightlife takes place. Israelis consume a lot of marijuana, and it would be a shame if you didn’t do so during your stay. What could be a better way to get a feel for Tel Aviv than by smoking cannabis on the streets? Continue reading to learn how to buy weed in Tel Aviv and how to smoke it.

Cannabis Law in Israel

In Israel, any activity using cannabis is legal. Cannabis is prohibited for recreational or medical use, and it is decriminalized in the country, which means that smoking weed in Tel Aviv will not land you in serious trouble. When it comes to cannabis consumption, police officers aren’t overly stringent, especially if you’re not causing any harm to the neighborhood. If you are caught distributing or producing cannabis, you will be prosecuted, but you do not need to worry about smoking in private areas. If you are caught with the joint, you may receive a warning or a modest fee, depending on the officer.

Where to Get Cannabis in Tel Aviv

Even if you don’t have any contacts, getting cannabis in Tel Aviv shouldn’t be an issue because the city is quite accessible to tourists and is known for its incredible nightlife. Checking the street near the seaside and Allenby is your best bet for great weed. That’s where the nightlife happens, and you’ll almost certainly run into someone who can assist you. Also, create some local acquaintances; people will undoubtedly assist you. Because the majority of the population smokes marijuana, it’s relatively easy to obtain.

Cannabis Prices in Tel Aviv

The most popular cannabis comes from Lebanon, and the quality is rather good. The main problem is that the costs are really costly, especially if you want branded strains. For example, a gram of good quality cannabis imported from Lebanon will set you back roughly $15. If you prefer hashish, a brick weighing approximately 2 grams will set you back $20 or more.
Although it is still illegal to use marijuana in Israel, the general public accepts it in Tel Aviv and throughout the country. When walking about the city, never have a significant amount on you, and avoid smoking on the beach or in parks. You’ll be alright if you’re not dealing or growing. Have a great time!

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