Weed in Turin, Italy

Weed in Turin

Weed in Turin

Turin, which is located in Northern Italy, is one of the country’s most important cities. After Rome and Milan, it is known for being Italy’s third wealthiest city. Juventus F.C. and Torino F.C. are two of the most successful Italian football clubs. Weed in Turin offers a wide range of cultural activities to its visitors, including numerous museums, galleries, and piazzas. Despite the fact that it is prohibited, cannabis is widely used. Turin’s university and large population of young people make cannabis easy to come by.

Cannabis laws in Italy

In Italy, a large number of people, particularly young people, use cannabis. Weed, on the other hand, remains illegal, though it’s worth noting that the rules aren’t particularly harsh and focus on growers and sellers rather than users. Possessing a few grams of marijuana for personal enjoyment is no longer illegal. This means you could face a fine, or you could get away with simply a warning in some situations. Selling and producing marijuana is a considerably more serious offense for which you could face prison time.
It is not recommended to consume marijuana in public locations in Turin. It’s common to see natives do it, but it’s normally best to keep your weed use to yourself.

Getting weed in Turin

Turin is a university town, thus there are a lot of young people smoking pot there. Asking for help from some of the students is the best and safest way to get weed there. The majority of them will either provide you with a phone number or a recommendation for a good place to visit. You’ll have to rely on street dealers otherwise. They’re commonly found on the Piazzas, but their exact placement varies. The majority of them are Moroccan young males. Hash is more widely available and less expensive than marijuana. A gram of hash should cost no more than 5 euros, and a gram of cannabis should cost no more than 10.

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