Weed in Valencia, Spain

Weed in Valencia

Weed in Valencia

Where to get cannabis in Valencia. Valencia is Spain’s third-largest city, behind Madrid and Barcelona, yet it is equally as fascinating to explore. Architecture, gastronomy, nightlife, and a beach are all available in the city. There are few things in life that compare to smoking cannabis on a Valencian beach, and every tourist to the city should have the opportunity to do so. This is our guide to cannabis in Spain (Valencia).

Cannabis Laws in Spain

When it comes to marijuana laws, Spain is one of the most relaxed in Europe. Small amounts of cannabis for personal use are considered a misdemeanor, which means your weed will be confiscated and you may face a fine, though most cops are unconcerned. Everything should be OK if you are cautious and cooperative with them. That only applies in public; however, things are significantly more loose in private.

Due to the wording of the Spanish constitution, you are free to consume and cultivate marijuana in your own home. Because of this particular aspect of the constitution, Spain has built “cannabis clubs” in the style of Dutch coffee shops. In most clubs, you can buy and smoke joints, although they are normally reserved for members only. Visitors normally don’t benefit from applying for membership because there are easier ways to get weed in the near run.

Where to Get Weed in Valencia

As previously said, the easiest way to obtain marijuana in Valencia is via a “cannabis club.” They sell high-quality marijuana and are far more dependable than a street dealer, but they are exclusively open to locals and most of them require an invitation. You should take a walk along the beach, particularly in the “Cabanyal” neighborhood adjacent to the beach. It’s a seedy area with a lot of gypsies selling marijuana in the evenings throughout the summer. If you walk by, they will almost always offer to sell you something. Otherwise, keep an eye out for Moroccan-speaking vendors selling along the beach or in popular tourist areas. It is unlawful to buy marijuana from a dealer, and the quality is usually poor. The typical price per gram is 6-10 euros, depending on how good of a barterer you are.

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