Weed in Warsaw, Poland

Weed in Warsaw

Weed in Warsaw

Where to get weed in Warsaw, Poland. If you’ve ever wanted to visit Warsaw, Poland’s capital, be prepared for a medieval city with distinctive Gothic churches and magnificent street art. These are just a few of the reasons why people get cannabis in Warsaw to smoke. Here’s a quick guide to buying and using weed in Poland (Warsaw).

Cannabis Laws in Poland:

Cannabis in Poland is still banned, as it is in most other Eastern European countries. It’s intriguing that drug use isn’t considered a crime, yet possession of even small amounts can lead to major consequences. Cannabis is classified alongside dangerous substances like cocaine and heroin, posing a significant difficulty for marijuana users. However, the government is becoming less strict on cannabis usage every year, so if you’re caught with a tiny amount of weed, you may face charges, but they’ll normally be dismissed if it’s your first cannabis offense and you only had a small amount for personal use. Even for selling pot, dealing is a serious violation that can result in a lengthy prison sentence. Poland legalized medicinal marijuana in 2017, taking a positive step toward full-fledged weed legalization.

Where to Get Cannabis in Warsaw:

Checking sites where locals spend their time is the greatest way to find decent grade cannabis. Check out the nearby pubs, clubs, parks, and neighbors; you’ll almost certainly find someone who smokes or who can assist you. Pola Mokotowskie is a well-known park frequented by students, many of whom use marijuana. It’s also worth noting that, while weed is prohibited in Poland, you’re likely to come across a weed plant while exploring the city.

Cannabis in Poland (Warsaw) – Prices

Prices vary depending on quality, but an average gram of decent quality bud costs 8 euros. Expect to pay roughly 12 euros per gram if you want a high-grade class. People who prefer hash to cannabis should be aware that it is more difficult to obtain and costs around 12 euros per gram. Expect to only consume high-quality weed in Warsaw, but be aware that if you are found, you could face harsh consequences. The weed there is a little more expensive, but the quality is worth it. If you don’t smoke in crowded areas, you’ll be perfectly safe.

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