Weed in Zagreb

Weed in Zagreb

Weed in Zagreb

Where to Get cannabis in Zagreb.  Every year, nearly a million tourists visit Zagreb, Croatia’s main city. It’s only reasonable that some of those visitors will want to get high while there. So here you have it, our cannabis guide for Zagreb.

Cannabis Laws

The rules governing the use, production, and possession of cannabis are hard and restricted. Cannabis is classified in the same category as heroin, amphetamines, and methamphetamines. If caught with cannabis by a police officer, the suspect is taken to the nearest police station. Expect to spend a few hours there, as the cops are notoriously slow. What is more, a fine of roughly 500 euros is applied if caught with less than 5 grams .

Where to Get Cannabis

In Zagreb, there are no regulated shops to buy cannabis. Knowing the person or asking around is the best approach to obtain the plant. If staying in Zagreb for a few days, consider connecting with folks through Couchsurfing or other similar groups. They will most likely be of assistance. The main square is the safest spot to buy a plant. There are numerous parks in the vicinity of the area, and if traveling west from the plaza, you will pass by a few parks where young people frequently congregate and smoke.

Cannabis Prices

Zagreb’s costs are in line with the rest of Western Europe. 10 euros for 1g for a known plug. For tourists who are visiting Zagreb for the first time and do not know anyone in the city, prices might skyrocket and quality can plummet. For 40 euros, you can obtain decent homegrown buds in a 5g quantity.

Despite the fact that cannabis is banned in Croatia, getting a quality plant for a reasonable price is not difficult in Zagreb. Parks, lakes, and environment in general are the ideal places to smoke. Smoking should be avoided in public settings.

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