Weed in Zurich, Switzerland

Weed in Zurich

Weed in Zurich

Where to get weed in Zurich, Switzerland. The city is known for its beautiful architecture which includes numerous churches and historic bridges. What could be more enjoyable than smoking cannabis in Zurich while taking in all of the sights and sounds that this city has to offer? Here’s a quick guide to buying and consuming cannabis/weed in Zurich.

Cannabis in Switzerland – Laws

The laws regulating Cannabis in Switzerland are quite lax and cops aren’t overly concerned with users. It is unlawful to sell or possess marijuana, although it is permitted to smoke and possess little amounts in private settings. It means you may light up your favorite weed in the privacy of your own home or office and begin exploring. You might expect a fine if you are caught with pot on the streets and it can be proven that you have it for personal use.

Where to Get Cannabis/weed in Zurich:

It may be difficult to find high-quality weed in Zurich. Back in the day, Zurich had a plethora of head stores where you could readily obtain the greatest grade buds. You can currently try your luck in the Langstrasse neighborhood, where dealers congregate. You should be cautious when purchasing marijuana in this location because it is a Red Light District, which means there are a lot of cops in the neighborhood. Always double-check the quantity of cannabis before purchasing it.

Cannabis in Switzerland – Prices

Prices vary, and if you know someone in the city, you’ll receive the greatest rate. Expect to pay roughly 12 euros per gram of top-grade weed if you’re a novice to the city. Hash enthusiasts can purchase the highest quality hash in bricks from Morocco for 5 euros per gram.
Zurich is a beautiful city with a lot to see and do. When it comes to cannabis, law enforcement is lenient, and if you’re discovered smoking on the street, you’ll be punished. You may also legally smoke in your own home, which is fantastic. The only challenge for novices is finding high-quality cannabis in reasonable quantities.

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