Weed in Osaka, Japan

Weed in Osaka

Weed in Osaka

If you ever find yourself in the gorgeous city of Osaka, Japan’s business powerhouse, there’s a good possibility you’ll wonder about cannabis smoking. When it is usually better to see a city while high, you should definitely think twice about consuming pot in Japan. Here’s a quick guide to buying and using weed in Osaka.

Cannabis Law in Japan:

When it comes to cannabis, Japan has some peculiar rules. Cannabis is lawful to grow for those who have a license, but it is completely prohibited for the rest of the population. Everything about cannabis is carefully regulated and outlawed, so even the tiniest amount might land you in jail. The quantity with which you are apprehended is irrelevant to the cops. If you’re caught, you’ll almost certainly face prison time and a hefty fine. Our actual recommendation is to avoid using pot while in Osaka or anywhere else in Japan.

Where to Get Weed in Osaka: 

If you want to smoke pot despite all the cautions and restrictions, you can receive information on where to buy it, but everyone is afraid, so you’re likely to find none. Your best bet is to approach locals with street stands who spend the majority of their time in the same location throughout the year. Expect them to refuse to assist you with the information since they are aware of the potential implications if they are found.

Cannabis Prices:

Cannabis is legally prohibited, and the consequences for possession are severe, so you should expect costs to skyrocket for the lowest-quality pot. People in the area don’t allow cannabis in public or anyplace else, resulting in a scarcity of supply. One gram of low-quality cannabis cost roughly $50, according to some estimates.

Osaka is a fantastic city where you may spend days exploring its architecture, traditional cuisine, and culture. Believe us when we say that you’ll be satisfied with the exploration, but if you’re thinking on smoking pot, please reconsider because you could get yourself into serious problems. Keep yourself safe and have a fantastic time!

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