Weed in Tokyo, Japan

Weed in Tokyo

Weed in Tokyo

Tokyo, the world’s busiest city, continues to draw millions of visitors each year. Modern architecture, intriguing things to do and see, and, of course, delicious cuisine beautify the city. Exploration of the city is usually enhanced by the use of marijuana, but what is the current state of that weed in Tokyo? Here’s a quick rundown of everything marijuana-related in Tokyo.

Cannabis Law in Japan:

When it comes to cannabis, Japan has some peculiar rules. Cannabis is lawful to grow for those who have a license, but it is completely prohibited for the rest of the population. Everything about cannabis is carefully regulated and outlawed, so even the tiniest amount might land you in jail. The quantity with which you are apprehended is irrelevant to the cops. If you’re caught, you’ll almost certainly face prison time and a hefty fine. Our actual recommendation is to avoid using pot while in Osaka or anywhere else in Japan.

Where to Get Weed in Tokyo:

It is still feasible to obtain cannabis in Tokyo, but the costs are exorbitant and the quality is poor. Going to Shibuya shopping complex and looking for Arabian or African folks is your best bet. They will most likely assist you, but the police are aware of their presence, so it is perilous. We don’t recommend buying pot in Tokyo since you never know what might happen and you don’t want to end up in jail there.

Cannabis Prices in Tokyo:

The prices are so expensive because of the herb’s legal status and scarcity. If you want one gram of low-quality cannabis, expect to pay between 30 and 60 euros. That’s just too much money for something that could land you in significant legal problems. Hash is easier to come by there, and prices start at 20 euros per gram.

In Tokyo, marijuana is strictly prohibited, and the police are concentrating their efforts on arresting people for possession and consumption. It is still feasible to obtain marijuana in the city, but the prices are exorbitant and the quality is subpar. Smoking is not permitted in Tokyo.

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